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Earl Breon,  Layman Leadership

Earl Breon, Layman Leadership

Thank you for stopping by. Contained within these pages you will find a set of universally applicable leadership fundamentals as well as how to apply them to yourself, your team and your organization. I know you will find them useful. They have influenced great leadership in both the military and civilian sectors since man kind began forming tribes.

Where do they come from?

These leadership fundamentals are pieces I learned as a Marine. They have been adapted and condensed from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” written over 2500 years ago. But they really are just basic, natural, human understanding which is why they are so universal.

These leadership fundamentals will provide you an anchor point to return to anytime your personal or professional leadership begins to struggle. By working to master each of these you WILL grow as a team leader and builder. If you are leading humans, these WILL work.

Why do they work?

These leadership traits and principles work because they are human nature. You will read these and see the light bulbs flashing in your head. You instinctively know most of them and will kick yourself for not realizing it.

Why do you need to read on then?

Simple, you obviously don’t fully understand their importance yet. I will guide you through each one and tie them into broader content through other articles. So, click onto the Boot Camp┬ásection and familiarize yourself with them. Once you feel comfortable there hit up the Application section for my original pieces. Also, be sure to visit the Water Cooler where I will have curated content from some of the best minds in the business!

Welcome Aboard!