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Layman Leadership is founded on the idea that you can be an expert in your field yet be a layman in leadership. To better understand that, let’s break down each word.


A person without specialized knowledge in a particular subject.


The state or position of being a leader.

Layman Leadership

See how those two definitions come together to form this concept? You see, one of the sad realities of our world is that many organization promote people based solely on their technical prowess and give very little value to their leadership ability. This gives us organizational leadership with great individuals who are very good at their job but lousy at leading people. They are experts in their field but layman at leadership.

So, my goal is to fix that through a graduating series of leadership development. I’m not going to make the assumption that you know anything about leadership because I want you to have the strongest foundation possible to build on. The Leadership 100 Series will serve that purpose. Master the Traits in 101 and the principles in 102 then dive into the Blog area for some of the 200 level instruction.