Leadership Principles

In Leadership 102 we will focus on the eleven Leadership Principles. These principles work well with the traits you learned about in 101.

Why are Leadership Principles important?

Think about the difference between tactics and strategies. Leadership Traits are the tactics and Leadership Principles are the strategies, in this scenario. It isn’t enough that you have the tactics mastered if you have no idea how to effectively implement them. That is where these Leadership Principles shine.

By mastering these Leadership Principles you will be able to leverage your traits into great leadership. You will be happier. Your team will be happier. And, your organization will be happier. Why?

Because people, teams, and organizations all want to be led well. Nobody wants to be led poorly. Yet, poor leadership runs rampant in today’s organizations.

Well, that ends now and it ends with you because you are going to learn to lead by these Leadership Principles. You are going to apply youor traits in an effective manner and you will succeed at leading others.

What are these powerful Leadership Principles?

They are listed below. Each one links to its own in depth article. Take the time to read each link to better understand them. Then, take them with you and apply them! Nothing will change unless you apply your knowledge!

Below you will find printable versions of these Leadership Principles. Homework assignment number two is to print these off, post them in visible locations as reminders, and share them with your team.

Black and White Leadership Principles

Black and White Leadership Principles

OD Green Leadership Principles

OD Green Leadership Principles