The first lesson in the Leadership 100 Series is about the fourteen leadership traits necessary to be a great leader. These leadership traits have been identified and refined through thousands of years of human evolution. From the second we formed tribes we began to look to other humans who possessed these qualities as leaders.

Leadership Traits

First, I want you to remember these traits by using the phrase JJ DID TIE BUCKLE. That stands for: (click link for more in depth understanding of each trait)

Why are they important?

As stated above these are the natural traits humans look for in their leaders. They aren’t mystical or magical, they just are. You must possess at least a little of each one of them in order to be a truly great leader. If you lack in one then the rest seem to fall apart. For instance, it doesn’t matter how much integrity you have if you don’t have the knowledge to make decisions. Also, it doesn’t matter how loyal you are if you don’t have the tact and the bearing to show it.

These traits interweave seamlessly this way. So your first objective is to take the time to understand each one and begin working on them. Nothing you read or learn and try to implement will work without these traits in your arsenal.

Below you will find two options to print these traits and post them where they are constantly visible to you and your team. That is your first homework assignment!

Black And White Leadership Traits

Black and White Leadership Traits

OD Green Leadership Traits

OD Green Leadership Traits