Be A Person Of Action

One of the best, yet under told, stories of the Battle of Thermopylae is the story of deciding where to build the wall that would restrict the Persians advance. Leonidas listed. As his officers debated where the wall should go. One by one they each made their case and raised great points both strategically and practically. Yet, after a long discussion, they were nowhere near a solution.

They kept making points and counterpoints until the king had heard enough. While they continued to talk he stood up, walked over to a pile and picked up a stone. The officers took notice and began to watch their king.

He took the stone and placed it on the ground. He then returned to the pile, picked up another stone and placed it next to the first one. After repeating this process a couple more times it was clear to all the Spartans, this was where the wall was to be built. Without saying a word to them they all joined their king and constructed a structure that would be instrumental in achieving their immortality.

The point of that story? Be a person of action. People follow other people who take action. Listen to input. Weigh the consequences. Make a sound and timely decision. Set the example. Be a person of action.

  • Coach Tony

    Great story, heard before but good stuff never dates – thanks for sharing! Signed up for the next one ☺

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